Our History

1985 – The Company was Founded

R N Wooler & Co Ltd was founded by Company Directors Mr. Norman Wooler and Mrs. Margaret Wooler.

1986 – R N Wooler’s First Residential Project

The conversion of the Baptist Chapel in Newsholme into apartments.

1988 – First Housing Development

R N Wooler’s first new housing development at Ridgeway Mount in Keighley.

1989 – R N Wooler’s Longest Serving Employee

Site Manager, David Kettlewell, started with the company. To date David is
R N Wooler’s longest serving employee.

1992 – A Family Business

Gareth and Andrew Wooler started Saturday work as young teenagers, gaining hands on experience in all aspects of construction.

1993 – Wooler HQ

The construction of Florence House brought forth the launch of the Wooler headquarters.

1996 – Client Loyalty

R N Wooler’s first association with Timothy Taylors. To this day a loyal and appreciated client.

1997 – R N Wooler Expansion

Expansion of Wooler HQ with the addition of the specialist joinery workshop.

1999 – Building Lasting Customer Relationships

R N Wooler’s first association with Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc. Still today R N Wooler are one of Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc’s few principle contractors.

2001 – The Royal Family

Mr. Norman Wooler is invited to meet His Royal Highness Prince Charles at Timothy Taylors.

2002 – The Family Business Grows

Rebekah Wooler joins her parents and brothers in the company.

2005 – 20 Year Anniversary

R N Wooler celebrates 20 years in business and Alice Wooler joins her parents and siblings in the company.

2007 – Company Directors

Andrew and Gareth Wooler are appointed as Company Directors.

2007 – Florence House Expansion

Florence House is extended to accommodate increased staff and associated resources.

2008 – Overcoming Challenges

The R N Wooler team worked tirelessly to reopen the specialist joinery workshop following a fire at the facility.

2013 – Contracts Director

Gary Sollitt is appointed as Contracts Director.

2015 – 30 Year Anniversary

R N Wooler celebrates 30 years of successful business.

2018 – Further Expansion of R N Wooler

Clarkson House is opened for further expansion of the business. Named after long serving, dedicated Company Secretary, Sheila Clarkson.

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